Associate Editors

Haider AbbasHaider Abbas National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan
Research Interests: Information Assurance and Governance, Healthcare Data Security and Privacy, Cyber Physical System (CPS) Security, Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things (IoTs) Security, Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) Security.

Ehsan Adeli Stanford University, USA
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Computer Vision, AI-Assisted Healthcare, Structural and Functional Neuroimaging

Anca BucurAnca Bucur Philips Research, Precision and Decentralized Diagnostics Department, The Netherlands
Research Interests: Clinical research informatics, clinical decision support, clinical pathways and clinical workflow optimization, healthcare information management, interoperability.

Francesca BuffaFrancesca Buffa Department of Oncology, University of Oxford, UK
Research Interests: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics.

Barbara Di Camillo Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Predictive Modeling, Biological Networks, Machine Learning

Paulo de CarvalhoPaulo de Carvalho University of Coimbra , Portugal
Research Interests: Adaptive computational techniques with application to bio-signals (particularly, for cardiovascular applications), pattern recognition, modelling and Clinical Informatics.

M. Emre Celebi Department of Computer Science, University of Central Arkansas, USA
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, dermoscopy, data mining, machine learning, and pattern recognition

Wei ChenWei Chen Fudan University, China
Research Interests: Medical monitoring system, patient health monitoring, neonatal monitoring, brain activity monitoring, smart sleep, smart rehabilitation system, wireless body area networks, wearable sensor systems, internet of things, ambient intelligence, personalized and smart environment, smart sensor systems, and signal processing.

Maggie ChengMaggie Cheng Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Research Interests: Time Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis, Causal Analysis in Networked Systems, Machine Learning, Physics-Informed Deep Learning, Graph Theory, Complex Network Analysis, Structural and Functional Connectivity Analysis and Inference in Brain Networks.

Francesco Ciompi Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands
Research Interests: Computational Pathology, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Immuno-oncology

Diane CookDiane Cook Washington State University, USA
Research Interests: Machine learning, mobile health, human behavior recognition and analysis, ambient assisted living.

Andrew DowseyAndrew Dowsey University of Bristol, UK
Research Interests: Proteomics, metabolomics, mass spectrometry, medical image computing, biomedical image analysis, statistical signal processing, biostatistics, bioinformatics, biomarker discovery.

Mohamed Elhoseny Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura University, Egypt
Research Interests: Intelligent Systems, Sensors & Ad-hoc Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Security, Healthcare data Analysis, Optimization Algorithms, and Smart Cities Applications.

Bjoern EskofierBjoern Eskofier Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany
Research Interests: Body sensor networks; smart point-of-care and wireless physiological monitoring devices embedded system design, autonomic sensing, wearable and assistive devices for rehabilitation, well-being and ageing population; Electronic health record; intelligent interpretation of health data, decision support systems, remote guidance and virtual reality applications in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Pervasive healthcare, wellness management.

Guoliang FanGuoliang Fan Oklahoma State University, USA
Research Interests: Biomedical image analysis, human motion analysis, markerless motion estimation, human motion modeling, manifold learning.

Giuseppe FicoGiuseppe Fico Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Research Interests: Clinical Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records

Nenad D. FilipovicNenad D. Filipovic University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, cardiovascular disease, fluid-structure interaction, biomechanics, bioinformatics, biomedical image processing, medical informatics, multi-scale modeling, data mining, software engineering, parallel computing, computational chemistry and bioprocess modeling.

Karl FriedlKarl Friedl University of California at San Francisco, USA
Research Interests: Applications of metabolism and neurobiology technologies, assessment methods and metrics of research success, and strategies to accelerate research translation to practice.

Huazhau Fu Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, medical image segmentation, machine learning, deep learning, multi-view/modal representation learning.

Tourassi Georgia Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, natural language processing, clinical decision support, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, scalable data-driven biomedical discovery, and high performance computing.

Hassan GhasemzadehHassan Ghasemzadeh Washington State University, USA
Research Interests: Embedded & Pervasive Systems, Algorithm Design, Context-Aware Computing, Cyber Physical Systems, Collaborative Processing, Design for Scalability & Robustness, Power-Aware Design, Computational Autonomy, Data Analytics, Transfer Learning, Mobile & Wireless Health, Fall Monitoring & Prevention, Sports Training.

Daniela GiordanoDaniela Giordano University of Catania, Italy
Research Interests: Pattern recognition and knowledge discovery from large scale, heterogeneous data, biosignal processing (EEG, eye-tracking data), computer vision, deep learning, multimodal adaptive interaction, social robots for assistive/rehabilitation activities, cognitive computing in medical systems.

Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis IBM Watson Health, Cambridge, MA, USA
Research Interests: Healthcare Information Management Platforms, Healthcare Data Security and Privacy, Large Scale Data Mining / Analytics, Privacy-Preserving Data Mining, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Pervasive / Ubiquitous Computing, Healthcare Applications.

Adam W. HooverAdam W. Hoover Clemson University, USA
Research Interests: Tracking systems, image and signal processing, state space modelling, filtering, embedded computing, and mHealth.

Omer T. InanOmer T. Inan Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Research Interests: Non-invasive physiological monitoring, human health and performance, cardiomechanical signals, chronic disease management, home monitoring of health and disease.

Roozbeh JafariRoozbeh Jafari Texas A&M University, USA
Research Interests: Wearable computing, body sensor networks (BSN), mobile health, signal processing, design and analysis of cyber physical systems (CPS), physiological sensing, circuits and systems for electroencephalography, low power and light-weight embedded system design and optimization.

Ning JiangNing Jiang University of Waterloo, Canada
Research Interests: Biological signal (EEG, EMG, ECG etc.) processing, myoelectric control, brain computer interface, man-machine interface, neuromuscular system modeling, powered Orthotics, motor rehabilitation for stroke, neural plasticity.

Steffen LeonhardtSteffen Leonhardt Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Research Interests: Body Sensor Networks, Wearable Sensors, Signal processing, Non-invasive physiological monitoring, Machine Learning, Medical Instrumentation, Bioimpedance, Gerontotechnology.

Jie LiangJie Liang University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Research Interests: Systems biology, bionano-devices, structural bioinformatics, molecular stochastic networks, wound healing, and cellular pattern formation.

Benny LoBenny Lo Imperial College London, UK
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Temporal Tracking, Machine Learning, Image segmentation, Stochastic inferencing, Body Sensor Networks, Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing.

Konstantinos Marias Hellenic Mediterranean University and Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas, Greece
Research Interests: Medical image analysis and computing, Radiomics and Radiogenomics, Imaging Informatics, AI applications in medical imaging and personalised medicine informatics.

Alison ONeilAlison ONeil Canon Medical Research Europe, Edinburgh, UK
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, Natural language processing, Machine learning, Clinical decision support systems, Medical Informatics, Affordable Healthcare

Ashish PandharipandeAshish Pandharipande Philips Research, The Netherlands
Research Interests: Sensor signal processing, Data analytics, Wireless communication technologies, Control systems, Body sensor networks, Signal processing and control techniques for healthcare and personal well-being applications.

Zhibo PangZhibo Pang ABB Corporate Research, Sweden
Research Interests: Industry4.0, healthcare 4.0, healthcare informatics, hospital automation, home healthcare, elderly healthcare, medical robotics, wireless sensor and actuator networks, cyber physical systems, Internet-of-Things.

Constantinos PattichisConstantinos Pattichis University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Research Interests: e-Health, m-Health, and e-Emergency systems, medical image analysis systems (MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, microscopy), biosignal analysis systems (electromyography), computational intelligence in medical systems, life sciences informatics.

Leandro Pecchia University of Warwick, UK
Research Interests: Biomedical time-series, machine learning and deep-learning, health technology assessment (HTA), reverse engineering for early stage health economics, biomedical regulatory science, clinical engineering, healthy ageing, chronic non-communicable disease, prediction and prevention of falls.

Julien PendersJulien Penders Bloom-life Inc., USA
Research Interests: Wearable sensors, Physiological sensors, Body Sensor Networks, Predictive health, Digital health.

Carmen PoonCarmen Poon The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR
Research Interests: Wearable health systems, body sensor network, mobile health (m-Health) technologies, biosensors, flexible electronics, wireless capsule, minimally invasive surgical technologies, and surgical robots.

Vicente Traver Salcedo ITACA – Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Research Interests: Digital health, Health Internet of Thing, process mining, patient empowerment, digital health literacy, mobile health

Edward SazonovEdward Sazonov University of Alabama, USA
Research Interests: Body sensor networks; wearable, ingestible and implantable systems; biosensor design, miniaturisation and embodiment; smart point-of-care and wireless physiological monitoring devices (e.g. ECG, EMG, EEG and PPG); ASIC and embedded system design, on-node processing, smart devices and app development; autonomic sensing, distributed inference, context aware sensing and multi-sensor fusion; wearable and assistive devices for rehabilitation, well-being and ageing population.

Enzo Pasquale ScilingoEnzo Pasquale Scilingo School of Engineering, University of Pisa
Research Interests: Biomedical signal processing, wearable monitoring systems, mobile health, man-machine interface, mental disorders, autonomic nervous system, affective computing

Caifeng ShanCaifeng Shan Philips Research, The Netherlands
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image/Video Processing and Analysis, Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis, Bio-medical imaging, Healthcare applications

Dinggang ShenDinggang Shen The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, computer vision, and pattern recognition.

Toshiyo TamuraToshiyo Tamura Chiba University, Japan
Research Interests: Medical instrumentation and transducers, rehabilitation engineering, assistive technology, home health care devices.

Jie TianJie Tian Institute of Automation, CAS, China
Research Interests: Molecular imaging, Medical image analysis, and pattern recognition.

Sotirios A. TsaftarisSotirios A. Tsaftaris The University of Edinburgh, UK
Research Interests: Medical image analysis and processing, machine (deep) learning, big data in medical imaging, phenotyping, image and video compression.

Vincent S. TsengVincent S. Tseng National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Research Interests: Biomedical data mining, health informatics analytics, biomarker discovery, health risk assessment/modelling, telecare systems, mobile health, knowledge discovery in electronic medical records.

Manolis TsiknakisManolis Tsiknakis Technological Educational Institute of Crete and FORTH, Greece
Research Interests: Semantic health data integration, smart eHealth and mHealth service platforms, ubiquitous sensor-based human behavior modeling, activity and context recognition, affective computing, socio-economic aspects of eHealth and mHealth technologies and services.

Bart VanrumsteBart Vanrumste KU Leuven, Belgium
Research Interests: Wearables, IOT sensors in healthcare, machine learning, digital signal processing, digital image processing.

Ken C. L. WongKen C. L. Wong IBM Research Almaden, USA
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, medical image segmentation, machine learning, deep learning, biomechanics, computational physiology (cardiac physiology and tumor growth), model personalization.

Winston WuWinston Wu Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation, USA
Research Interests: Wireless body-worn devices, embedded networked systems integrating sensor information processing, embedded inference, and internetworked devices.

Ziyue Xu Nvidia, USA
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, computer vision, shape modelling, graph methods, and machine learning.

Hui YangHui Yang Pennsylvania State University, USA
Research Interests: Health Internet of Things, Physiological signal processing and informatics, Computer Simulation and modeling of cardiovascular systems, Design and Analysis of Biomedical Experiments, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Biosensing and data mining.

Jianhua YaoJianhua Yao Tencent, China
Research Interests: Medical image analysis, digital pathology, endoscopic image, clinical decision support, precision medicine

Shuayb Zarar Microsoft, USA
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Representation Learning, Transfer Learning, Sensor Informatics, Context-aware Computing, Wearable Computing, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Sensor- based Localization, Human-behavior Inference, Context Recognition, Human Performance Monitoring, Cloud- assisted Internet-of-Things, Ambient Intelligence, Wireless Body Area Networks.

Michalis ZervakisMichalis Zervakis Technical University of Crete, Greece
Research Interests: Computational biology, organ/system/disease-level informatics, computer aided diagnosis, and decision support; multi-scale image fusion, visualization, electronic health records, hospital information systems, decision support systems, virtual reality applications in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Zhiqiang ZhangZhiqiang Zhang University of Leeds, UK
Research Interests: Body Sensor Networks, Pervasive Sensing, Digital Medicine, Biomotion/Gait Analysis, Human Biomechanics, Rehabilitation robotics, Neuro-Rehabilitation, Physiological Signal Processing.

Guoyan ZhengGuoyan Zheng Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Research Interests: Medical image computing, machine learning, deep learning, image-guided surgery, computer-assisted interventions, medical robotics, musculoskeletal image analysis, clinical decision support, endoscopic image, statistical shape and deformation analysis, medical image segmentation, and medical image registration

Reyer ZwiggelaarReyer Zwiggelaar Aberystwyth University, UK
Research Interests: Computer vision, image analysis, mammography, breast cancer, prostate cancer, biometrics, machine learning, manifold learning.


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